Kitchens Cabinets and Counter-Top Upgrades

Homeowners often think about remodeling their kitchen in terms of appliances, cabinets and counter-top upgrades. The Stewart Super Stu Team goes beyond the obvious kitchen face-lift to lifestyle and choices and preferences. Stewart will partner with you to bring your dreams and visions into your kitchen space.

Large or small, eat-in or family style combination rooms, the Stewart Super Stu kitchen team will craft a masterpiece that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Not only will Stewart’s Super Stu design a kitchen of beauty, we will help busy homeowners expand and enhance kitchen cabinetry space by including built-in organizing systems and add-on organizers for cabinetry while adapting the kitchen designs to each chef’s personal organizational delight. Whatever cabinetry is chosen, it can be augmented with an array of creative organizational solutions that work within the confines of any kitchen to bring order to the chaos. For example, pullout base and wall-filler cabinets leverage otherwise unused space for categorizing pantry items, such as canned and boxed goods. Garbage and recycling bins can be hidden in base cabinets to expand kitchen space. Spice drawer inserts keep a plethora of spices orderly and conveniently at fingertips.


Stewart’s Super Stu is ready to tackle your bathroom project whether renovating the bathroom, upgrading the shower and vanity, adding a bathroom or making the bathroom wheelchair accessible. The Super Stu team will work within your budget while using trusted brands like American Acrylic, Kohler®, Sterling®, and Daltile®,

The Super Stu design team will help you define and design your remodeled bathroom.

  • Stewart is a one-stop full service home improvement firm. Your bathroom project will be completed quicker and supervised more carefully because our team handles all the plumbing, carpentry and electrical work.
  • Working within your budget, bathroom renovations include quality materials, installation and a manufacturer’s warranty**.
  • Stewart can provide you with large selection of custom bathroom cabinets and fixtures to choose from.
  • Whatever your preference, contemporary or traditional, Stewart can match your vision with their expert performance.
  • Stewart craftsmen will install the choice of flooring you wish. Many products are available such as tile, hardwood, laminate, and ceramic.