Door Services

Stewart encourages homeowners to look at their existing front door with the following points in mind:

  • Does it blend with the homes over all appearance?
  • Is the door a snug fit to the frame?

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A new secure fiberglass door resists denting and scratching and is easy to maintain, energy efficient and quiet, plus it offers a new fresh look for the home. Essential to entry door replacement is the millwork on the exterior of the door and urethane trim around the door’s interior. The Stewart Super Stu Team will make sure that the finish work around your door is a beautiful as the door itself and Stewart will use top quality moisture-resistant materials that resist rot, mold, insects and decay so they’re ideal to enhance the entryway.  When Stewart’s Super Stu Team tackles your project, you can be sure that your will be pleased with the final results.

Entry Features

Remember that remodeling your entrance can do wonders to making your entire home warmer and more appealing. Pilasters that stand up next to both sides of your door, a crosshead and pediment that can ‘sit’ on the top of the entryway, even the simple and relatively inexpensive addition of a crosshead and keystone over an entry door can transform the look of a home.

Always consider new exterior lighting fixtures, new sidewalk or exterior landscape wall to finish off your project.


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